Automating Your Background Screening Process

We have the opportunity to partner with, visit, present to and network with thousands of Human Resource professionals every year. One thing that continues to ring true is HR professionals are more pressed for time than ever. They are continually looking for ways to save time, automate their onboarding processes and decrease all files and paperwork they have to store.

When it comes to background screening, this is no different. Hiring managers across the country are looking to improve productivity by processing background checks electronically and having the applicants complete the data entry themselves.

We are often asked,

“Does One Source offer these applicant entry solutions? Can you integrate into our Applicant Tracking System or HRIS?”

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’. One Source is proud to offer two different types of Applicant Entry solutions. Our Applicant Entry process allows hiring managers to simply provide a link to their applicants via email, embedded in their onboarding systems platform or offer email. The applicant is then directed to a secure site to enter their own unique information to perform the background check according to the client’s needs. Our Gated Applicant Entry process is similar but allows the recruiter to select the services, send a secure email through our system to the applicant to enter their personal identifying information.

Once information is entered, the client has the option to have this information automatically submitted to us for processing or our clients can approve the applicant, order and submit the background check themselves when they are ready.

The option that typically gets the most praise from our clients is the ability to have your applicant electronically sign the Disclosure and Authorization form. We capture these signatures using our E-Sign Act compliant system so you can completely rid yourself of having the applicant physically sign hard copy release forms. Orders are not submitted unless the electronic signature is received and the signed release is available on the background check itself, completely eliminating any paper from your process.

Hiring a candidate from New York, California, Washington or another state that requires additional notices? Not to worry, we provide state specific forms to your applicants at a click of the mouse. Of course the FCRA Summary of Rights is also provided.

Schedule a time with a One Source team member to review these unique Applicant Entry order entry options today!

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Neal Josten

Neal Josten

Neal brings over 9 years of experience in the sales and business development fields. His wealth of knowledge with employment policies, FCRA and EEOC compliance makes him a great resource for organizations just getting started with screening services.